Dear Colleagues, Friends,

On behalf of the Central European Genome Stability and Dynamics conference series, it is our pleasure to invite all the great scientists, academicians, young researchers, and students from our community to attend the online event on 23rd March 2021 hosted by the University of Szeged.

The 11th CEGSDM provides an insight into the recent research and cutting-edge technologies on the field of DNA repair and the related cellular processes, which gains immense interest among seniors, young scientists, and talented students within our community. The goal of the conference series is to gather a multi-disciplinary group of scientists to present and exchange unpublished data and ideas related to the topics of DNA repair.

Since this conference covers wide-range topics of DNA repair and the related cellular processes (replication, transcription, signalization) from theoretical ideas to practical application of the principles of biology, anyone interested in future progress of DNA repair should not miss the opportunity to attend the meeting.

Although we planned our meeting as a regular personal event to bring the community together but due to the COVID19 pandemic situation we decided to place this event to an online platform this year and we asked the professional help of the Diamond Congress Ltd.

We wish you a great conference and we believe that this online form will still allow the participants to enjoy nice lectures.

Tibor Pankotai
on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Partner Institutes


Polakova Centre of Biosciences, Slovakian Academy of Sciences


Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences


Masaryk University


University of Szeged,

​​11. CEGSD online meeting
23-24 March 2021

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