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The topics of the Central European Genome Stability and Dynamics meeting encompass cellular mechanisms responsible for genome maintenance in living cells. The data represented on the meeting covers the topics of DNA repair pathways mostly the DNA damage recognition and specific factor recruitment to DNA lesions as well as mutual interactions of these processes. The repair processes are considered in relation to the proper cell functioning and in the context of resulting genomic abnormalities and their possible medical consequences. In addition, understanding the contributions of endogenous DNA damage to human disease, in particular cancer, and the pathological changes associated with aging are major themes of this conference. Last but not least, taking part in CEGSDM conferences allows participants to acquire new technologies or methodologies that have recently been developed in the field of studies on genetic stability.

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Partner Institutes


Polakova Centre of Biosciences, Slovakian Academy of Sciences


Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences


Masaryk University


University of Szeged,


Faithful repair of DNA damage is indispensable, since improper repair process could lead to genome instability, chromosomal translocations and tumorigenesis. Cells can repair DNA breaks through different pathways, and the balance between the choice of them must be tightly regulated to preserve genome integrity.

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​​11. CEGSD online meeting
23-24 March 2021

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